Emanuel Ella

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My private shows are very different.Some are really wild, some are even without sex passing sweet moments of talking and drinking with lovers, while some ends only with stripping and listening to customer fantasies and stimulating them. They all depend on whom I have in front of me and his desires. I highly appreciate if all customers make their videos private only to original customer. I am not interested in earning money from very private and intimate moments of my friends.Those moments are personal.Secrets just between me and that special person.

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Emanuel Ella

play like a lover, sex like a slut, amused by new toys and ways like Alice in wonderland.I like to laugh,listen, communicate and be close like a friend.I like everything to be magic, neat, classy and fun.sexy music turns me on.

Sweet Sexy Fuck Huge Facials

Sweet Sexy Fuck Huge Facials

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